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Hi, I'm Libby and welcome to sparrow


As a little girl I loved creating, loved sewing, drawing and making.

I could spend hours hand sewing cushions for my toys or drawing pictures and colouring them.

In my dollhouse my Dad built for me I would create sculptures made out of flour and water or hang bunny tail flowers I had collected at the beach from its ceiling.

My Nana was an incredibly talented seamstress creating beautiful clothing and gowns for her clients from scratch.

I loved disappearing with her into her sewing room exploring her containers of buttons and trims, paper patterns, pins and measuring tapes.  Some of which I still have and cherish today.

I suppose I followed in those footsteps briefly after College as after completing a Bachelor of Visual Arts majoring in Fashion at Manukau Institute of Technology, I went on to design and make my own garments to sell.  

Through the duration of my course I was exposed to all aspects of Art from life drawing to sculpture and photography. I think from there my love of all types of media and art in general really began.

By far though my greatest achievement to date would be my beautiful girls, Myah and Sienna.

Today I am a Mum who has decided to give it a go and share what she creates.

I chose the name 'sparrow' as this little character is associated with words that I hold very close, words like, family, adaptability, perseverance and kindness.  The sparrow is an incredibly friendly little creature and exists drawing on hard work, determination and friendships.

My wreaths are all handmade, incorporating not only dried flowers but multiple mediums such as feathers and shells. Nothing is off the list to try. They are extremely delicate and each one is unique, I hope you get as much enjoyment from it as I did creating it for you.

You can find me not only on this website but on Instagram also


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